Registering a vehicle in Spain can be a complex process, filled with a lot of paperwork and visits to different entities. In Gestoria La Selva, we offer you a comprehensive solution in order to transform this process into a smooth and worry-free experience. Our team takes care of all the details, ensuring that your vehicle is ready to legally drive with all documentation in order.

Rely on our professionalism and efficiency, and let your vehicle be our priority


Planning to bring your vehicle into Spanish territory?

In Gestoria La Selva, we handle all the necessary procedures. We manage every detail of the process, allowing you to focus solely on the joy of driving. We offer personalized advice, reviewing the documentation and technical specifications of your vehicle to ensure compliance with Spanish regulations. We take care of all customs procedures, from the import declaration to the payment of taxes. Additionally, we prepare your vehicle for the Technical Vehicle Inspection in Spain, ensuring it meets the country's safety and emissions standards. Finally, we carry out the entire registration process, including obtaining Spanish plates and the vehicle’s registration certificate.


Thinking of exporting your vehicle from Spain?

In Gestoria La Selva, we also specialize in assisting you in moving your car to international destinations. We know that exporting a vehicle can seem like a daunting task, but with our experience and knowledge, we turn the process into a smooth and obstacle-free experience. We meticulously handle every detail, from the initial preparation to obtaining all the required documents and certificates. This not only ensures that you are fully compliant with international regulations, but it also guarantees the correct payment of duties and minimizes any possibility of delays or issues in the export process. With Gestoria La Selva, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is in expert hands and will reach its new destination without problems.

Change of Ownership

We manage the transfer of property of any vehicle.

Duplicates and Data Variation

We offer specialized services in duplicates and data variation before the DGT, guaranteeing a quick and uncomplicated process.


Before your driver's license expires, we handle the entire process to update it.

Vehicle Certificates and Reports

We obtain full details on any vehicle of your interest.

License Exchanges

We change your foreign driver's license into an official Spanish one.

International License

We process the acquisition of an international permit so you can drive peacefully around the world.

Vehicle Deregistration

We handle all necessary procedures with Traffic to officially take your car out of circulation.

Fines Appeals

We analyze your penalty, prepare the defense, and manage the entire process to give you the best chance of canceling or reducing your fine.

Temporary Plates

These 'green' plates are key in certain situations. With our management, the process will be smooth and trouble-free.